Our Approach

ami capital focus on healthcare and related sector in Russia/CIS.

We take equity risks and in partnership with management support company’s growth to deliver sustainable returns to investors.

We bring international best practices and focus on growth and expansion stage.

Primary focus:

  • Clinical laboratories,
  • Medical clinics
  • IVF clinics
  • Healthcare related services- eg IT, logistics, distribution etc

Investment Criteria

ami invests in companies that demonstrate potential to become industry leaders in their segments and are capable to develop scalable business concept.

  • A target rate of return: 30% IRR +
  • Target investment size: USD 5-50 million
  • Stake: controlling stake with or without partners or minority position with controlling minority protection rights

Role in company development

ami can play an active role in developing portfolio companies’ strategy and operational management.

  • Strategy development at Board of Directors level:
    • evaluation of strategic alternatives
    • development and selection of company’s strategic growth plan
  • Knowledge transfer
    • External industry expertise
    • International best practice transfer
    • Partnership with international companies
  • Operational management:
    • active involvement in operations in partnership with management
    • regional expansion support with regional expertise and network
    • organizational and legal structure development and optimisation
  • Financial management:
    • control and optimization of financial reporting and structure
    • effective monitoring of working capital management and liquidity management.
    • support with external financing.
    • optimization of the capital structure.